BioQor Biomune Syrup

BioQor Biomune Syrup

Boost immunity with Bioqor™ Biomune syrup: amla, tulsi, giloy, ashwagandha, and more. Rich in vitamin C, it fights cold, with mint flavor.

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As immunity comes into picture as covid outbreak happened and we understood that immunity or self defence plays a vital role to protect ourself from fatal and chronic diseases. Bioqor™ Biomune syrup is packed and curated with the goodness of immunity enhancing herbs like amla, tulsi, giloy, ashwagandha and 7 others

Rich in vitamin C and other anti oxidants, Boost immunity by generating more immune cells, Provides relief from cold and sore throat, Boost your immunity with a refreshing mint flavoured Biomune syrup.

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  1. madhiya.ayaz

    Nice Product

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